Security Guard In Singapore

Project Security Pte Ltd offered security guard in Singapore. Our business is not only geared towards construction and warehouse. We offer cost competitive guarding and patrol solutions for any condominium small or large, manning events and the recent increasing demand of temperature taking due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We can mobilise a team of good security officers who are trained in the strategies and protocols that are pertinent to security on construction sites, places of worship, events, condominium, warehouse and etc. Project Security Pte Ltd is a full security services company in Singapore and we can help with all of your security needs.

We have our value added services for all clients, depending on the contract sum. We also have our in house investigation team, workplace safety and health team and fire safety management team.

Security guards for various types of industries

We are experienced and well versed in the procedures associated with various guard services. We have a high responsibilities for such job as it associated with Safety of the public such as children, worshippers and religious workers, construction workers, building tenants and their staff, etc.

We recognize that it is vital that we have 100% staffing at all times, for the Safety and Security of such public.

Site specific duties and officers position must drawn up for each project and each guard must demonstrate a sound understanding of them before commencing duties onsite. That means to say the management of Project Security Pte Ltd has the obligation to brief the men on the ground and present their report of such whenever the client needs them.

We provide service for:

  • Schools;
  • Mosques, Temples, Churches, etc;
  • Construction workers;
  • Warehouse workers;
  • Building tenants and their staff, etc.

Crowd Control

We are confident that our operational guards and management will follow the guidelines of client  crowd management program or plan. This is to assist Clients with the provisions of crowd management strategies. We will work as a part of your event team to provide you with security, safety and a crowd management plan that satisfies both regulatory and your business requirements with our combined management team and security officers.

Temperature Screening for visitors

Not only Project Security Pte Ltd provides security guard in Singapore, we also assist client who need us to do: temperature screening solution that screens and identifies those having or showing symptoms of fever.

This is increasing in demand as it is one of the symptoms from Covid-19.